Services and Photo Packages

To keep things simple and cost effective we offer three basic packages. Professional photography, photography + floor plan, or floor plan only. In addition if you want to add a blue sky with image     enhancement this can be done at anytime, please find examples below.


 Pack 1 

20 Professional Photographs of interior and exterior of property

£ 65.00*


Pack 2

 20 Professional photographs as above with 2D Floor plan

£ 95.00*


Floor Plan only Package 

£ 55.00*


Blue Sky Enhancement

£ 5.00 per image



*Price depentent on locality 


Blue sky and image enhancement

Images are photographically enhanced after selection using various tecniques such as added blue skies, colour correction, and image straightening. This process allows for blue skies to be added and means the photographs can be taken in all but the worst of weather conditions.


Examples of Blue Sky Enhancement 


To place an order or make a booking please contact:- 

07863252845 / 01932 702053